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Ideal beer temperature: ice cold, cool, lukewarm or warm?

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Cooling off with a refreshing lager on a summer day or enjoying a quadruple at room temperature on a winter evening… Equally pleasant, but the taste experience is completely different. The temperature of the beer has a major influence on its flavor.

A beer brewer perfectly knows the best beer temperature and gives his advice on every beer bottle or can. If you respect the recommended temperature, your beer will have the best possible taste. Of course you don’t have to drink beer with a thermometer in the glass. These three rules will help you easily reach the ideal serving temperature for your beer.

#1 | Better too cold than too warm

Bottom-fermentation beers, such as a lager, should be drunk cool. Place the beers at the top of the fridge, close to the cooling elements. The ideal temperature is anything between 37,5 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Nowadays, we often see lagers being served ice cold. Keep in mind that the taste of the beer is affected when the temperature is at freezing point, but if you just drink lager for refreshment, its taste is not as important.

Low temperatures are also ideal for mixed-fermentation beers, such as Flemish red-brown beers. Top-fermented beers taste better if they are served slightly warmer. Place them lower in the fridge and wait a while before tasting. This allows the beer that is too cold to warm up and reveal its flavor profile. When the aromas awaken and tickle your nose, you know it’s time to taste!

#2 | More alcohol? Served less cool.

The higher the alcohol content, the warmer the beer should be served. This golden rule is easy to remember and knows no exceptions. Of course you can store strong beers in the fridge, but take them out ahead of time. This way the beer has enough time to reach the recommended serving temperature.

A simple math trick is to serve the beer at a slightly higher temperature than the alcohol content. But remember that this is a guideline and there are exceptions to this rule.

#3 | Rebel and experiment

There’s no arguing about tastes -quite literally- and since temperature influences the taste of beer, that too is subject to discussion. That is why we advise you to experiment with different serving temperatures yourself. Dare to rebel and bend the rules! Who knows, you might discover that a certain strong beer tastes better if it is served slightly cooler than recommended. Put two of the same beers next to each other and discover for yourself how temperature affects the taste of your beer.

Ideal temperatures of the Nitro Infused beers

  • Kasteel Nitro Noir, Blond and Rouge: 42,8°F
  • Kasteel Nitro Barista and Quad: 53,6°F
  • Bacchus Nitro beers: 41°F