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The ingredients
to brew our beers

Basic ingredients

Water, malt, hops and yeast are the four basic ingredients used to brew beer. Find out how and where we source these basic ingredients.


During the brewing process we use water for malting, brewing and boiling beer. Afterwards, we purify the wastewater via our own installation until we attain the quality of surface water. Every week, we purify 1,700 cubic meters of water to meet the Flemish discharge standards.


We buy the malt from domestic and foreign malt houses, where barley is soaked in water to germinate and become malt. Given that malt determines the color, aroma and flavor of our beers, we select it very carefully.


Beer owes its bitter taste to the hop cones of the female hop plant. The hop for our beers comes from all over the world, including from Germany, the Czech Republic and the United States. We also often buy hop cones in our own country, more specifically in Poperinge.


The alcohol in beer forms after yeast has been added. Every beer has a specific taste depending on the type of yeast strain used. We use three types of fermentation: top, spontaneous and mixed fermentation.


To give our beers a unique taste, we add sugar, spices, fruit or even liqueur to certain beers.

Of course, we cannot reveal all our secrets, but we are happy to share some of them below:

Candy sugar

Candy sugar or brown sugar is not only a tasty addition to pancakes, but also to beer. We add candy sugar to Kasteel Donker, for example. This results in an explosion of sweetness and contributes to the beautiful dark color of our Kasteel Donker.


To give our beers their signature pronounced taste, we like to experiment with herbs. Cinnamon, cloves and licorice are just a few examples of herbs that are frequently used when brewing beer.


Our range includes many refreshing fruit beers that are flavored with cherries and raspberries. Examples include our Nitro Bacchus beers, but also our Nitro Kasteel Rouge, which owes its beautiful red hue to the addition of cherries.